Binding Spells

Welcome to our Binding Spells!  A Wiccan binding spell is a very powerful way to tie someone to you in a positive way. It is a symbolic way to tie the target up by restricting their actions from causing harm or bind them to another individual, object, place or situation. While the spell works to restrain someone metaphysically, it should be used with positive intentions, such as preventing them from doing something or and keep them from causing harm to themselves or others. We’ve included binding spells for protection as well as more general powerful spells below.

Love Binding Spell

Items Needed

  • Purple Thread
  • Red Thread
  • Pink Thread
  • Domination Oil
  • Adam and Eve Oil
  • Keep em Faithful Oil
  • Beloved’s Personal Effects

This is a love binding spell can be used to tie a lover to you for faithful love and commitment. Any type of domination oil, love oil or commitment oil may be used.

First dress each thread with the matching oil. Domination on purple, love on red and commitment oil on pink. Braid all threads together. Tie 9 knots on each end. Now tie this around their personal effects. We suggest using hair to keep their mind on you, underwear to keep them faithful and a pair of shoes to keep them physically close.

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Binding Spells

Ultimate Binding Spell

Items Needed

  • 5 Pieces of Paper
  • Pen
  • 5 Small Branches
  • White or Red Thread
  • Black Thread
  • Picture

This spell should be done during the New Moon at Midnight. Take the 5 pieces of paper and write the name of the person you wish you bind on the first piece, on the rest of the 4 pieces, write the reasons of why you want to do this spell to bind someone to you , one reason on each paper.

Then take the branches and roll each paper with the branch and tie them up using the white or red thread. Once done, tie the branches together from each end using black thread. Then say the below 5 times.

No harm to me

No harm befee

No harm can you make thee

You do as I please

I bind you within me

I bind you hard from left and right, day and night

I bind you hard from north to south and from all the way around

I bind you hard from east and west and from infinity and earth

No harm to me, so mote it be.

Now burn everything and throw the ashes in flowing water like a river or sea. The spell is cast!

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Freezer Binding Spell

  • Items Needed
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Black Thread or String
  • Baby Jar or Small Watertight Container

This freezer binding spell is done to keep someone away from you. This spell should be done during the full moon and needs to be renewed every month or if the person bothers you again.

Begin by writing the name of the person you wish to prevent from harming you on a piece of paper. Gaze at the paper and visualize the face of the person, see their face vividly imprinted on the paper. Then fold the paper three times. Tie the paper up with the black thread or string. Put it into the small watertight container. Fill the container with water and place it in the nook of the freezer and say the below:

Stay there and freeze as long as I please!

The spell is cast!

Binding Spell for Protection

Items Needed

  • Black Cord
  • Photo of the Person to Protect

This spell is used to protect someone from hurting others and themselves. This should only be used if you have no other options. Try one of our Wiccan Spells prior to casting this spell.

First sit and cast your circle with the cord and photo in the center. Explain to the universe what you are going to do and ask if it is the right thing. Think about how the person is hurting others and let the anger build up. Then all at once say the below:

(Person’s name) I bind you from hurting others!

Then quickly tie a knot tightly in the cord. Repeat the process three times or as many times you feel necessary. Each time, tie another knot. When you’re done say the below:

Three times three, I bind you (person’s name)

Hide the cord and photo in a safe place where the knots won’t come undone. Or, burn the cord.

Bind a Bully

Items Needed

  • 3 Black Candles
  • Black Thread
  • Black Pen
  • Paper
  • Jar with Lid

This spell should not cause harm to a bully, only make them leave you alone. Complete this at Midnight on a Saturday, waning moon. For extra power, use one of our Protection Spells prior to casting this spell.

Set the candles in a triangle large enough to sit in the middle. Light the candles, write the name of the bully on the paper, draw and X over the name, fold it 3 times and say the below.

I bind you (name) so that you cannot hurt me anymore, both physically and emotionally. Get out of my life, leave me alone, I bind you (name) I bind you.

Tie the thread around the paper and place it in the jar. Snuff out the candles and add the stubs to the jar. Tightly seal the jar and bury it far away from your property.

Enemy Binding Spell

Items Needed

  • Ice Cube Tray
  • Piece of Paper
  • Water
  • Sugar

First write your enemy’s name on several small pieces of paper. If you have their signature, use that instead which is more powerful. Put the papers in an ice cube tray using one paper for each hole. Fill the tray with water and put it in the freezer. If you want to sweeten them up, add sugar or honey to the water before freezing.

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