Full Moon Spells

Welcome to our full moon spells where we can use the moon’s energy to help with the strength and power of our spells.  Moon spells are great if you’re just starting with spells due to the power of the moon. We’ve included a full moon love spell that will help to create the love you desire! Full moon witchcraft is incredibly powerful! You may be familiar with the phrase, “once In a blue moon” to describe rare occurrences, we’ve included blue moon spells for those rare times when there is a 2nd full moon in a month which occurs once every 2 ½ years. We hope you enjoy our full moon magick moon spells. Remember to always create a clear space, clear your mind and focus on your intention.

Full Moon Love Spell

Items Needed

  • Alter with pentagram & cauldron or bowl
  • White Candle
  • Red Rose Petals
  • Glass of Milk
  • A Spoonful of Honey
  • Red Sandalwood – handful
  • Jasmine Flowers – handful of dried or fresh

Begin once you’ve cleared any negative energy and are able to truly focus. Start by invoking the Goddess and God or a higher power you feel comfortable with. State a invocation that ends with “This sacred night i summon you to bring unconditional love in my life, and as I light this flame let love find me shining like a beacon from the skies”. Now light the white candle.  

While looking into the flame say “ Fire element of passion and warmth, I call upon you tonight. A new partner I invoke, bless (him/her), with your light, and bring warmth to my days and nights.”

Put the brown on the pentagram and say: “May this love be pure and nutritious as the milk is to the children” Pour the milk into the bowl and say, “May this love be as bees are drawn to honey” Now add the honey to the bowl. Hold the red sandalwood and say “May this love be blessed with good luck to overcome all the challenges we may face” Hold the red rose petals and say “May this love remain strong and fragrant as beautiful roses during bloom” Put both into the bowl and pick up the jasmine flowers and say “May this love be sealed with the love and Blessings of the Moon! So mote it be!”

Pick up the bowl and say “Sweet elixir of love, I summon you into my life. By the Moon and the Stars, I ask for my wish to be granted. New love will come and New love will be!”

Leave the bowl in the moonlight and let the candle burn. The next day, take the remains and bury them or release them in clear running water. If your wish is not granted by the next full moon, it should be repeated. 

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full moon spells

Blue Moon Spells

The blue moon can be used for second chances, love, protection, fertility and knowledge. For this spell, choose a crystal that speaks to you from one of the following:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Moonstone
  • Tigers Eye
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Aquamarine
  • Rose Quartz

Go into the moonlight with your crystal and focus on your intention by saying the below:

“Blue Moon, as I speak so shall you hear. This is my blueprint, my intention. See my way clear with no intervention, as i speak so shall you hear. Step by step from first to last, my true desire shall come to pass. So mote it be!”

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Moonwater Spells

Directions to Make Moon Water:

Collect rain water in a glass jar and leave out under a full moon to charge for several hours or overnight. Feel free to add crystals or herbs to make your moon water stronger. Before you leave the moon water say the following, “Dear Moon, thank you for this Sacred Water which is already helping me with (say your intention)” 

Make sure to take the water away before the sunlight touches it. Either use it right away or store it in a dark place such as a cabinet.

Moon water is a wonderful way to enhance your psychic energy. Simply take the moon water and use it as hair rinse or pour a cup into a bath. You can also drink the water. Before you drink or use the water on yourself, make sure it’s clean of insects. 

Another way to use moon water, is putting it in a spray jar and spray your home and car. This is a great way to cleanse your space or use it before meditation. Use the spray on your bed for positive and psychic dreams. Or add the moon water with some essential oils into a diffuser in your home. 

Moon water can also be frozen and added to drinks. This can help fertility or a woman’s cycle.

Another idea is to add it to your washing machine when you wash your clothes. Moon water can be used in so many ways to cleanse negative energies or help with psychic energies. 

Full Moon Money Spell

Items Needed

  • Cleaned and sterilized silver coin
  • Bowl or clean cauldron
  • Water
  • Sage

Create a sacred place outside. Use sage to cleanse your spell items and space. Set up your alter with items and any crystals or items you’d like to add. 

First, create an area of protection by saying your favorite prayer, chant or use a protection spell. 

Next, fill the bowl with water and position it so it reflects the moonlight. 

Now visualize the coin being multiplied with the power of the moon until you visualize a bowl overflowing with money. Imagine scooping the wealth in your hands. Visualize your bank account increasing, your home being filled with wealth and all of your dreams coming true. 

Say the following while visualizing your dreams, “Wealth will flow into my life with endless amounts, harming none, so mote it be.”

Close your circle and send the energy into the universe. Take the silver coin and put it in your purse or place it at your alter. 

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We hope you’ve found what you’re looking for to help create your desired outcome. Full moon wicca is very powerful. Our spells to do on a full moon have been crafted, be sure to set your intention, focus and stay positive

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