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We remember in 1998 the television show Charmed came on air. Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doughtery & Holly Marie Combs were the 3 witches and main stars. This was an incredibly exciting time for our community! We practiced several of the Charmed spells to see the outcome and several were quite powerful! The truth spell Charmed released is one of our favorites. With eight seasons, it was difficult to choose just a few. We have included some of Charmed reboot spells as well as Charmed love spells. We have read the Charmed Spell Book and Charmed Book of Shadows and have included some of our favorite and most powerful spells that gave us the outcome we desire.

Charmed Book of Shadows Spells

This is from the Charmed Book of Shadows Spells. It is a truth spell Charmed used in several seasons and later altered the spell which I’ll include below. It allows the caster to obtain the truth from anyone they speak to.  Once cast, the spell lasts for 24 hours. They say after the 24 hours period all memories of that period are erased and the caster is the only one that will remember what was said.

To cast the spell, first meditate or create a circle of peace. Take a bath, light candles or anything else that helps bring calm and peace to you. Once you feel ready, say the below spell and it will be cast.

“For those who want the truth revealed, opened hearts and secrets unsealed, from now until it’s now again, after which the memory ends. Those who now are in the house, will hear the truth from other’s mouths.”

Charmed Spells

Charmed Love Spell

This Charmed love spell is used in combination with the Love Potion to find love. In the show, the spell worked too well as they were nearly overwhelmed by men in love with them. When Piper is writing her final entry in the Charmed spell book called, “Forever Charmed”, the book opens to the page with this love spell!

Love Potion Ingredients

  • Two Mandrake Roots
  • Cup Betel Nuts
  • Lock of Lover’s hair
  • Boil everything in Red Wine

Once you have the Love Potion, create a safe and calm space to cast the spell. Say the below spell and the spell is cast.

“To find true love…I conjure thee, I conjure thee, I’m the Queen, you’re the bee, as I desire, so shall it be.”

Charmed Spell for Binding

This is used when you wish to bind someone to you.  Create a safe space and light a candle on your altar. If binding for love use red or pink. Use the same color string to bind the soul to you. The below is said.

“I take your hands in mine, and with this string I will entwine, your powers, I’ll forever bind, from now until the end of time.”

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Smart Spell

If you need to increase intelligence for a 24 hour period use the below smart spell. Below is the spell used in Charmed verbatim.

“Spirits, send the words from all across the land, allow me to absorb them from the touch of either hand. For 24 hours from 7 to 7, I will understand all meaning of the words from here to heaven. Oh, and PS, there will be no personal gain”

Marcy Steadwell’s Protection Spell

You will need a sage stick. Light the top of the stick and let smoke fill the room while chanting:

“Favour us, Sister Moon with your protective beams. Give all who dwell within this spell, safe days and sweet dreams, for those who dwell underneath this roof.”

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Seduction Spell

“Come to me and be seduced, I have a girl to introduce, fall for her, you can’t resist her, trust me mister, she’s my sister!”

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Charmed Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows was a sort of diary in Charmed that was passed down to Marisol Vera, upon her death it was passed down to “the Charmed Ones”, Marisol’s three daughters. There were several entries during the show and I have included a few of our favorite.

Charmed Truth Serum

Once ingested, the serum will begin working after thirty minutes. 


  • St John’s Wort
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Dried Mint
  • Dog Rose
  • Elderberry
  • Beetle Moth
  • Passionflower


  1.  Grind all the dry ingredients in equal parts and keep them separated.
  2. Boil one bowl of water
  3. Place the water where there are no reflections, including yours.
  4. Add each dry ingredient in the order listed above into the hot steaming water.
  5. Stir the liquid 19 times counterclockwise until smooth.
  6. Add three drops of the Anticholinagie op Parasympathetic if using a diosociative hallucinogen add 7 drops.
  7. Finally add the powdered moth beedle in…
  8. Add the liquid ingredients above in equal parts, put into a dropper and you’re done!

Calling of Lost Souls

This is used to reveal lost souls that are “living” within a living entity, some would called possessed.  

The only ingredient needed is a burgundy candle.

Light the candles and repeat the below until the soul reveals itself.

“The soul within the soul, reveal thyself to the world, let your voice e heard or interned, buried deep within, reach out, reveal thyself, reveal thyself, or be lost forever.”

 “Intus in anima mea et anima mea, ad te ipsum mundo revelare! Et audivi recem tuam, aut alind sit tibi placer, quad si penitus defossa, una vox rium, anima revelare!  Attulsisti!

Charmed Reboot Spells

Below are a few spells from Charmed that were changed during later seasons. 

The Truth Spell listed above was rebooted on Season 5. The spell is the same except they left out the line, “Those who now are in this house, will hear the truth from other’s mouths.” It was left out because when the spell was cast there wasn’t suppose to be anyone else in the house, but there was! So in the later season this spell was perfected to eliminate any errors. 

I wish you many blessings and successful outcomes. If you like these, please share!

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