Free Love Spells for a Specific Person

Included here are free love spells for a specific person. These spells can be used for someone you have been with in the past or someone you wish you be with! Do you have a crush on a neighbor or coworker? These love spells to attract a specific person can be anyone you desire. A spell to attract a specific person does not need to be someone you are currently in a relationship with.  They can be cast on anyone you desire, draw the man or woman of your dreams towards you using these spells. These powerful free love spells work overnight in many cases! The more you believe and the more you manifest your energy into each spell, the faster you will see results!

Moon phase: New, Waxing, Full

Day of week: Tuesday, Friday

Colors: Red or Pink

Free Love Spells for a Specific Person

Honey Jar Love Spell: Full Moon Love Spells Specific Person

Items needed:

  • Jar (small mason jar works) or hollowed out apple
  • Pink or white Candle
  • Honey  

This is one of our free love spells that work overnight! It is a very powerful spell, so please follow the directions carefully.

Picture & strand of the person’s hair (in a pinch you can write their name on a piece of paper)

This spell is the most powerful when it’s done during the full moon. Some have reported seeing results almost immediately or within minutes and overnight. You hold the power, your manifestation creates energy. Focus on positive with no resistance to the negative. 

Roll the picture or piece of paper up an put it in the jar/apple. Put the hair inside, you can do the spell without the hair however the hair makes the spell work overnight, within minutes or almost immediately! Fill the jar/apple with honey and close it. 

Spell:  Light the candle on top of the jar/apple. Mediate upon the candle flame, visualize your intended target sweetening their attitude towards you. Imagine how wonderful the outcome will be. Focus on the happiness and love you feel while the candle burns down allowing the melting wax to seal the container. 

Keep the jar/apple on your altar and for the next seven days, take time to meditate and pray your intention at the same time over the next 7 days. (If you opted for the apple you can skip this step and instead bury the apple and go to the burial to pray/meditate.) Once completed, you should let go and allow the universe to do it’s magic. 

If possible, bury the jar/apple on their property, or close. Otherwise if you can find a spot they’ll cross everyday, like a doorstep, bury it there. If burying is not an option, hide the jar somewhere it will not be disturbed.

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Throat Singing Love Spell for a Specific Person

No items are needed.

In order to cast this spell you will need to have slept well for at least five days. Once you sleep well for five days, you will fast for 3 days. When you fast, you can drink water for the most significant and immediate results. If needed you can go on a raw fast, eating fruit and vegetables or just eat blended foods. Essentially your body should be focusing on your spell rather then digesting your food. 

Spell:  Close your eyes, sit down with your back straight and relax.  Begin throat singing or chanting by following these steps.

  1.  Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times
  2. Ask that your beloved “hear” you.
  3. As your beloved to love you.
  4. Repeat your beloved’s name multiple times again.
  5. Repeat step 2 and 3. 
  6. Seal your magic by saying that your beloved should follow your commands and not disobey you. 

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30 Day Love Spell

Items Needed:

  • Cauldron (or a safe place to contain a fire)
  •  3X3 piece of paper (power of the number 3)
  •  Red pen
  •  Four red candles
  •  Rose Quartz (wearable if possible)

The spell should be done after sundown. 

This love spell is very powerful yet requires patience. This is a white magick spell that doesn’t force the person to love you, it does purify the bond and strengthen the energy between the two of you.

Create a circle of protection by creating a high-energy space of safety. Mediate, focus on breath and visualize yourself in a pure space with a white light of protection surrounding you and your space.  Fill the space with high vibration energy. Once you begin to feel energy such as goose bumps, a tingle or buzz, you will know you’re protected and ready to begin the spell. 

Put a red candle in each of the four cardinal directions, (north, south, east & west), outlining your circle of protection. Light a fire in the cauldron. On the piece of paper, draw a heart with the red pen, inside the heart write the name of the specific person whose love you wish to obtain. Place the rose quarts in your hand while gazing at the paper. Pour all of your love for the person into the energy and imagine them feeling the beam of light. 

Kiss the name on the paper three times. Put the paper in the fire and let it burn away. While the piece of paper is being consumed, repeat the following three times. 

My heart ablaze and shining, this love I do see to thee, if you find a place in your heart to love me, by the greatest good, so mote it be.

Close your circle and the spell is cast.  Keep the rose quartz close to you for the next 30 days. 

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Heart Candle Spell

This is a very powerful spell with almost immediate results.  It is one of our free love spells that work in minutes!

Items needed:

  • Heart shaped candle (preferably pink or red)

Love drawing oil- Purchased or make your own using rosemary, sweet orange, clary sage, ylang ylang, patchouli, geranium and rose essential oil.

Love drawing powder: Purchased or make your own using dried apple skins, dried pomegranate seeds, cocoa powder, dried hibiscus flower, dried rose petals, chamomile, passionflower oil.

Scratch your beloved’s initials into the heart-shaped candle. Then sprinkle the candle with love drawing oil and powder. You can either purchase these online or at local shops or make your own using the ingredients listed above. Once the candle is dressed with the oil and powder, light the candle.  As it burns chant the below:

As this candle burns, so your heart burns with love for me.  As this wax melts, so your heart melts with love for me.  When this spell is complete, your heart belongs to me.

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New Moon Love Spell for a Specific Person

Items Needed:

  • 2 candles- if possible, purchase love candles that are figurines

Begin spell: Place a few strands of your beloved’s hair on their candle and a few strands of your hair on your candle. Begin burning the candle at the New Moon. Face the candles across from each other and burn them in timed increments, a little bit each night. Gradually moving the candles closer to one another as the nights continue. When the candles are touching, let them burn all the way down so the waxes intermingle. 

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Candle Honey Spell

Items Needed:

  •  Pink seven day candle
  •  Honey
  •  Rosewater
  •  Powdered orrisroot

First, carve your name and that of your beloved onto the candle a total of nine times. Gently warm your honey and blend the rosewater and powdered orrisroot. Roll the candle in the mixture and burn it.  While the candle burns imagine you and your beloved enjoying life together.

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Simple Love Spell

No items needed. To increase the power, light a red or pink candle on your altar and place powerful love crystals around the candle.

Say the below:

Know I move to you as you move to me.  As I think of you, think also of me.  As I call your name, call me to you, come to me in love.

Now say your beloved’s name three times. Repeat the whole spell several times until you feel the proper effect. 

Midnight Candle Spell:  Free Love spells that work immediately

Items needed:

  • Two silver pins
  • Red candle

At midnight, stick the two silver pins through the middle of the red candle. Concentrate on your lover.  Repeat his or her name several times.

After the candle burns down to the pin, your lover will arrive. This spell is very powerful so be very careful. 

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I wish you many blessings and successful outcomes! Good karma and love to you. Share the love of free love spells for someone so they may get the blessings you have received.

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