Cord Cutting Spells

Welcome! You’ve taken the first step visiting our cord cutting spell page. It’s time to cut ties to someone or something that you’ve been strapped to for far too long. We know it took a lot to get here but you’re ready to move forward and that’s important! Start small with a cord cutting candle spell and focus on the flame and your desire to cut ties. Letting go of a person, experience or object with our spells will help give you the strength you always had with a little assistance. In our experience, using a candle for focus, helps with the power of the spell. You can buy a specific cord cutting spell candle or use a black candle which helps with grounding and releasing. We hope these help you to finally find closure and cut the cord you’ve been tethered to for too long.

Cord Cutting Spell Candle (1 Candle)

Items Needed:

  • 1 White Candle
  • Wand

Cleanse your space and imagine a life without this person. Light the candle and sit in a comfortable position. Allow your mind to relax. Imagine a cord connecting you to the person. Where is the cord connected? Your head? Your heart? Create the visualization and place the cord in that spot on yourself and them. For example, are you connected at the heart and heart, or head and heart etc. Open your eyes and take your wand while casting a circle and stating the below. 

“I release the energy from myself, I remove and cut all cords for my greater good, I forgive myself, I’m free”

Imagine the cord being cut, disconnecting yourself from that person. You are now free and the spell has been cast. Watch as the white candle melts away, creating a protective circle of healing light around you, healing your wounds.

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Cord Cutting Spell 2 Candles

Items Needed:

  • 1 Red Candle
  • 1 Black Candle

This self love magick spell should be used when your goal is to disconnect from a past love. Whether you are still in love with them or they cannot get over you, this powerful spell will bring closure to move forward. 

Hold the candles in your hands and focus on the negative emotions leaving. Imagine the wicks being tied together. Place the candles on the alter and say:

“Flame, fire, candle, smoke, take away the pain these words are spoke”

Light both candles and continue to state the above. Watch how the 2 flames become separated and the cord is cut. 

cord cutting spell

Candle Cord Cutting Spell (Mutliple Candles)

Items needed:

  • 1 Black Candle
  • 1 White Candle
  • 1 Blue Candle

Create and cleanse your space and focus on your intention. Light your candles while saying the following: 

“Archangel Michael, please cut any and all cords that drain me. I ask this, with divine will for the highest and greatest good. I am open to accepting a new path and am awaiting direction. So mote it be”

Cord Cutting to End Unwanted Romantic Feelings

Items Needed:

  • Piece of Paper and Pen

Begin by clearing your space and letting go. When you feel calm, focus your thoughts on the person you want to no longer have feelings for. Think of all the reasons you want to end this feeling. Then write the person’s name on the piece of paper. Next, cross out the name with deliberation and say the below:

“You no longer hold a special place in my heart. You are not the right person for me. I will bury my feelings for you, they are gone and you will be forgotten. I have the strength to walk away and create a fresh start.”

Finally, during a waning moon, bury this paper and all of your feelings about this person! The spell is cast!

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Cutting Ties Cord Cutting Spell

Items Needed:

  • Piece of string
  • Photos of the person you want to cut ties with
  • Photo of yourself
  • Tape
  • Scissors

You can use this spell for any individual you want to cut ties with. It does not have to be a romantic connection.

First tape one end of the string to the picture of the individual you want to cut ties with. Then tape the other end of the string to the photo of you. The end result will be a string in the middle connecting the photo of them and you at the other end of the string.

Now think of all the reasons you want to cut ties with them. What have they done to make you want them out of your life? Think of every reason, either think them or state them out loud. When you’re done with the list of reasons, cut the string that connects the two photos. Discard or bury the photos and the spell has been cast!

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