Protection Spells

Welcome to our Wiccan Protection Spell page! We have protection spells for yourself and protection spells for loved ones. There are several home protection spells and a protection jar you can place at the door of your home or place of business. Some of these spells require no items. Make sure before beginning you feel centered and focused. Calm yourself by taking deep breaths and imagining a white light of protection around you.

Simple Protection Spell

Items Needed

  • Salt

This is a very easy spell done to protect your home or place of business. Negative energies and entities cannot cross salt. Simply sprinkle salt along both the inner and outer perimeters of your home and say the below and the spell is cast.

Negative energy go away

For in salt’s presence you can’t stay

Bane be gone away as well

I banish you by this salty spell

Protection Spell Jar

Items Needed

  • Small Jar with a Lid
  • Sharp Rusty Items- Nails, Razors, Pins
  • Sea Salt
  • Red String or Ribbon
  • Black Candle to Banish Negativity or White Candle for a Ring of Protection

This jar can be created for protection of a home or business.  First fill the jar half full with sharp objects. These objects deflect bad luck and ill fortune. Then add salt for purification. Add the red string or ribbon which brings protection. Finally add your own urine which identifies the bottle, if you prefer you can use consecrated wine and spit in the jar to identify it as your jar. Finally close the jar and seal it with candle wax from the color of candle you chose, black to banish negativity or white for a ring of protection.

It should be placed under the home steps, behind a cabinet, in the attic or you can bury it far away from the house.

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Protection Spells

Latin Protection Spell

Items Needed

  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Lavender
  • Fresh Basil
  • Mint
  • Handful of Coarse Salt

Run a hot bath, add the herbs and salt. Let the bath steep for a few minutes. Sit and soak for a while visualizing your body is picking up protective energy from all the herbs and water. When you feel calm and focused recite the below.

Phesmatos’ tribum

Na ser ueras

Estas sue sastanance

Trasum uiso!

Mastenas Quisa

Nas Metam!

House Protection Spell

There are no items needed for this spell.  First take 3 deep breaths, calm and center yourself. Say the below and imagine a white light of energy protecting you and your home.

Bless this house

May peace dwell within

Protect all that enter

Whether friend or kin

Bless every door, window, ceiling and wall

Bless each room, closet, basement

Bless it all

Bless the roof and ground surrounding with your protective love and light

Hold us in your loving care every second of every day and night

As above and so below

So mote it be!

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Absorb and Remove Negativity Spell

Items Needed

  • White Candle
  • Tourmaline Crystal

This is a protection ritual to remove all the negativity from your life. First light the white candle in front of you. Hold the tourmaline crystal in your hands and relax. Visualize the crystal absorbing all of your negative energy you are holding. Release what does not serve you in a positive way. Imagine the energy of the candle filling you up with positive energy and protecting you from any negative energy intruding your life again.

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Protection Spell for Loved Ones

Items Needed

  • White Candle
  • Protection Incense
  • Pictures of your loved ones

This beautiful spell is cast to protect your loved ones. First light the incense and place the candle on top of your pictures and light it. Envision a protective white light surrounding your loved ones and say the below to complete the spell.

O Goddess, protect my loved ones every day

As they sleep and as they play

Help them to always smile bright and keep them safe in your loving light

Protect them from harm and from all they fear, for they are the ones I hold dear

I thank the Goddess for helping me

I trust in her aid

So mote it be!

Protection from Someone Spell

Simply write the person’s name who you wish protection from. Put the paper in your cauldron or fire safe dish and burn the paper. As it burns, recite the below.

Goddess of protection hear my plea

Keep this person away from me

When they are near they will feel pure pain

The closer they are the stronger the pain

Goddess of protection hear my plea

Keep this person away from me

So mote it be

Recite this as many times as you feel you need. When the paper has burned, throw the ashes outside and let the goddess do the rest.

Protection Chant

There is nothing needed for the chant. First breathe in and out slowly 3 times to clear your mind and center yourself. Allow your mind to be clear and your energy calm. When you are calm and centered chant the below 3 times:

Elements of the Sun

Elements of the day

Please come this way

Powers of night and day

I summon thee

I call upon thee

To protect me!

So mote it be!

The protection chant is a great way to clear your mind before casting Weight Loss Spells.

I wish you many blessings and successful outcomes. If you like these, please share these protection spells with others!

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