Good Luck Spells

Welcome to our Wiccan Good Luck Spell page! We enjoy casting luck spells, whether they are being cast on yourself on another person, these are positive spells. You as the caster are offering positive energy into the world. The spells can be done to bring positive energy to yourself or someone else. These free good luck spells are most powerful when done on a Sunday or Wednesday during any moon phase. Before casting these spells, take a bath or meditate to clear energy and focus on your intention. We wish you many blessings when using these wonderful spells!

Good Luck Spells

Good Fortune Spell

Items Needed

  • Green Birthday Candle or Tea Light
  • Bay Leaf
  • Marker

First write your name on the bay leaf and write “good Luck” on the other side. Light the candle and focus on the days ahead. Imagine a great day filled with positivity and good luck. Burn the bay leaf in the flame of the candle. You may sit and imagine how amazing your next day and days ahead will be. When you are ready, blow out the candle to release your intentions into the universe.

This is a great spell to be used in combination with our money spell found on our Wiccan Spells page.

Good Luck Spell Chant

You can recite these chant using no items. To increase the power, light a green candle and hold citrine, jade, rose quartz or any stone you feel connects you to good luck.

To the moon

To the sun

To the skies

To the water

Stars let your fire burn

Winds let your strength grow

Let us unite

Let me shine bright

This chant can be used before casting other spells, like our Banishing Spells

Good Luck Spells to Win the Lottery

Items Needed

  • Red or Green Charm or Talisman Bag
  • Small Coin
  • Paper Money of the Highest Denomination
  • John the Conqueror Root
  • 9 Pieces of Goats Rue Root or 9 Ash Leaves
  • Pine Incense or Oil for Prosperity

First wrap John the Conqueror root, 9 small pieces of Devil’s Shoestring root or 9 ash leaves. Then place this into the bag. Fold the paper money towards you and place it into the bag along with the coin.

Light the incense, or prosperity oil and hold the bag in the smoke. Concentrate on the idea of gaining money.

When purchasing lottery tickets, wear the bag on yourself. You can also place the bag at the door of your place of business to draw money to you.

You will find your finances show signs of improvement within the next 9 days.

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Good Luck Spell for Someone Else

Items Needed

  • Amethyst Crystal
  • Sage Incense
  • White Candle
  • Blessing Oil

First clear your mind by meditating or taking a bath. Try not to think of the individual you are doing the spell for or anything else, relax and clear your mind. Do a purification or aura cleansing ritual before beginning.

Cast your circle and anoint our candle with the blessing oil and place it on your altar. Place one drop of the blessing oil on each hand starting with your dominant hand. Rub your hands together and raise your power. Light your incense and light your candle.

Take the crystal into your dominant hand and pass it over the smoke of the incense three times.

Face towards your friend’s direction, (use a map or intuition). Hold the crystal in front of you and say the below 3 times.

Oh Komodia I call up thee

I ask of thee to grant (Friend’s name) happiness

Oh Protogenia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant (Friend’s name) success

Oh Aphrodite I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant (Friend’s name) love

Oh Abudantia I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant (Friend’s name) wealth

Oh Euphrosyne I call upon thee

I ask of thee to grant (Friend’s name) joy

I thank you. So mote it be tonight.

Candle Spell for Employment

The only item you will need is a gold or yellow candle. Begin on a Sunday.

Light the candle and say the below 3 times:

A good jo awaits me

I know for thy brilliant light scans and searches an place for me

A good job awaits me for thy goodness is great

My faith in thee is complete

A good job waits for me

Continue this spell until employment is found.

Cinnamon Money Luck Spell

Items Needed:

  • Green Candle
  • 6 Coins
  • Green Pouch or Cloth
  • Cinnamon

Cast your circle with the coins around the candle. Light the candle and chant the below 3 times:

Money flows

Money grows

Money shine

Money mine!

Sprinkle the bag or cloth with cinnamon and put the coins inside of the bag. While doing this chant the below:

Bring me money 3 X 3

The spell has been cast. Keep the pouch or cloth with you for a while.

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Lucky Candle Spell

Items Needed

  • Orange Candle
  • Cinnamon Oil

This is a very simple spell done any day at midnight. Anoint the candle with the cinnamon oil. Light the candle and say the below:

Brimstone, Moon and Witche’s Fire

Candlelight’s Bright Spell

Good luck I shall acquire

Work thy magic well

Midnight Twelve

The Witching Hour bring the luck I seek

By wax and wick now work thy power as these words I speak

Harming none this spell is done

By the law of three, so mote it be!

Magic Brook Good Luck Spell

Items Needed

  • Charcoal Block
  • Money Drawing Incense Herbs
  • Hemp Cord
  • Broom
  • Cowry Shell
  • Coin
  • Piece of Abalone Shell

This spell is used to bring good luck and abundance into your life. First place a piece of charcoal on a fireproof dish and light it. Take a pinch of the money drawing incense and put it on the charcoal. As the incense burns, tie the hemp cord on the broom and attach the charms, cowry shell for general good luck, coin for wealth and abalone for protection in personal and business afairs. Tie 7 knots in the cord, while you do this focus on what you specifically desire. When you are done say the below and the spell is cast!

Spirits of the wilderness

I appeal to you

Bring into my home

All that is shiny and new.

Spread hope and prosperity

Contained within this grass

May my life with wealth and prosperity be amassed.

So mote it be!

I wish you many blessings and successful outcomes. If you like these, please share the free binding spells with others!